Smile Design & Restorative Dentistry

Digital Smile Design (DSD)

Digital smile design is a cosmetic dental procedure that uses computer software to analyse and redesign a patient’s smile.

Photographs and videos of the dental proportions of a patient are taken from various angles are fed into proprietary software. The software then suggests potential solutions for restructuring the teeth of a patient.
This is known as a smile makeover simulation which allows patients to determine their look before the dental procedure.

It has revolutionised cosmetic dental treatments. It can treat anomalies such as tooth root exposure, chipped teeth, misalignment, fracture, etc

There Are Six Steps Involved With DSD To Help You Achieve Your Desired Smile

1) Our Staff will take digital photographs of your current teeth and smile.

2) A video will be taken of you smiling and talking to show how your smile and speech affect the appearance of your teeth. Seeing yourself from this different angle will help you to decide on the results you want.

3) Our Staff will conduct a smile design analysis with the end result in mind. Various cosmetic dentistry options will be combined to help you achieve your desired smile. We work with ceramists, dental technicians and specialists as part of the smile design process.

4) You will be shown how your final smile will appear and mock-ups will be crafted to show you the final result. You will have an opportunity to make any last-minute adjustments to elements of the smile design such as tooth length, colour and shape.

5) The final design is then completed and approved. We will provide you with the costs and duration of treatment to ensure you wish to proceed. You will then be given all of the relevant information you need to know about the upcoming treatments.

6) After treatment, you will get predictable results and will be able to enjoy the smile that you selected in the planning stage

Restorative Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry deals with the treatment of decayed, worn, sensitive, broken and discolored teeth, teeth with tissue anomaly and diastemas, and it seeks to reestablish the function and aesthetic of these teeth.

Restorative Dentistry includes various fields such as operative and restorative dentistry, tooth decay, preventive dentistry and aesthetic or cosmetics dentistry.

Amalgam, composite and glass ionomer fillings (anterior and posterior teeth)
Direct/indirect composite and ceramic aesthetic restorations (inlay, onlay and dental laminates)
Smile designing
Aesthetical approaches in case of traumas and broken teeth
Vital tooth bleaching
Treatment of dentin sensitivity
Vital pulpal treatments
Pre-prosthetic restorations
Conservative dental treatments for geriatric and oncology patient groups
Caries preventive applications for adults

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