As an institution representing Oral and Dental Health services; To provide a service that aims to treat oral and dental diseases that need treatment within the framework of scientific and ethical rules, especially patient rights and satisfaction, and adopts the principle of increasing healthy and happy smiles by taking advantage of modern technology, accompanied by expert physicians and friendly staff..


National and international Oral and Dental Health field;

• It has a participatory and sharing management that encourages teamwork..
• With its young and dynamic expert staff,
• Using modern medical technologies in diagnosis and treatment methods,
• Providing service quality at international standards in terms of healthcare services,
• Focused on patient and employee satisfaction,
• To be a respected oral and dental health center with the understanding of a constantly developing organization that respects universal values, adopts quality management principles.


In the Health Services Provided; The basic policy of the institution is to ensure continuous improvement and development in accordance with international quality standards, with an understanding based on increasing the satisfaction of patients / relatives and employees.


To ensure that patients/patient relatives coming for treatment have sufficient information about the services provided and current practices, and to facilitate access to the service by guiding patients and their relatives correctly..
To continuously improve itself within the framework of legal regulations, by complying with the Health Quality System (HCS) conditions, with the power and responsibility gained from experiences in the field of health, and to carry the health service focused on patient/patient relatives and employee satisfaction to the highest level..