3D Tomography

Dental Tomography / Dental Volumetrıc Tomography (3D VT)

Dental tomography device is that converts the data obtained from the jaw and teeth region into a three-dimensional image and transfers it to the digital environment.

The images obtained make it easier to diagnose diseases. Dental Tomography Dental Volumetric Tomography (3D VT) device is a new tomography device specially prepared for the head and neck region.

The desired area can be seen tomographically in 3D, with the patient exposed to very little radiation. Numerous sections are taken from axial, sagittal and coronal plans with dental tomography device.

Then, these sections are sliced and reconfigured through advanced software, so that the targeted area can be viewed from any angle.

In our center, Genoray 3D dental volumetric tomography device is used. Genoray holds the 3D and cylindrical 23 (diameter) x17 (height) cm image area and the title of the device that receives the largest 3D image.

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